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A, B, C, De-sign it!

Three simple steps
to design gifts

De-sign it... but on what?

A wide variety of gifts is available for you to place your artwork.

De-sign it... but how?

You design gifts your way! Simply choose between the images in our Photo Gallery or upload your own photo or artwork and you will place it on the item of your choice.

Make it yours!

Buy it, keep it, or offer it. The unique gift that you have designed will soon be in your hands.

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Product Variety

A large variety of products is available for you to customize and make them your own. Products ranging from mobile cases to gadgets and accessories, from head phones to bluetooth speakers, from personal items to items for your home or office. We have them all!


Innovative gadgets

Innovation is the mother of necessity. Here at De-sign it we feature items that are not only necessary, but make our lives easier, more practical, and most importantly, more enjoyable!

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Customize it!

Customize on almost every product available with your own artwork, image, photo and add your own text.



Delivery of the unique product that you customized within 3 - 6 days.

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